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Les Morton is 36 Marine's Principal Consultant.

He has extensive in-depth knowledge of Marine Quality Assurance. Having started his career as a Marine Engineer he worked for ExxonMobil for 50 years. As the ExxonMobil Global Marine Quality Assurance Manager he was responsible for the development and implementation of the Marine Quality Assurance criteria and processes used to evaluate the suitability of vessels and operators.

He has been heavily engaged in several major Vessel Operator pre-qualification programmes within the oil and gas sectors and has extensive experience of auditing Marine Safety Management Systems. Having been a member of several industry committees Les understands the needs and expectations of Major Oil & Gas companies and has worked in assisting operators to refine their SMS accordingly. He also appreciates the challenges that Vessel Operators may face when communicating or resolving issues with Vessel Charterers.

He specialises in the development and refinement of processes and associated engagement by Management Leadership Teams. An excellent communicator he possesses experience of managing and working within diverse multi-cultural teams and he posses a wide range of skills, experience and expertise with which to help clients.
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Operating to the highest standards of integrity and ethics, our vision to be an automatic choice for Vessel Operators and Vessel Vetting organisations that aspire to the highest standards of safe operations, Marine Quality Assurance whilst fulfilling the needs and expectations of Vessel Charterers.


Through collaboration, empower our clients to achieve premier levels of operational, safety and environmental excellence. We will work relentlessly to assist our clients in developing systems and processes that provide pathways to premier performance that will equip them to become the oil & gas sector shipping partner of choice.


Practice the highest standards of ethics and business practices. Solve problems through innovation and creativity. Be all inclusive. Promote collaboration and deter "silo" mentality. Deliver "on-time & on-spec" customer requirements.

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Safety Management Systems (SMS)

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Tanker Management & Self-Assessment

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Business Process Refinement & Remodelling

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Safety Management System refinement & design
Risk Management
Vessel Operator pre-TMSA audit preparation
Conducting TMSA audits on behalf of a Charterer/3rd Party
Development of Safety & environmental management processes
Officer/Crew conferences
Training in SMS development
Mentoring & Coaching
Crisis management - process design & exercises
Vessel incident closure & associated reporting requirements
Assisting Vessel Operators interfacing with Oil & Gas Majors
Preparation for British Safety Council 5 Star Safety & Environmental programme audits
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